ROCKFORD, Illinois – The River District Association announced today that Leah Tuneberg has officially
resigned from her nearly three year post as Executive Director effective February 28, 2018. In her
resignation to the River District Association Board of Directors, Tuneberg explained she will be stepping
down to shift her focus to spending more time with her family.

“It has been my pleasure to serve in this role,” said Tuneberg. “I look forward to remaining involved with
the River District Association in other ways.”

Tuneberg has been the Executive Director since March 30, 2015. In that time she has spearheaded such
events as the Shop the Blocks series, historic walking and bike tours and Picnic en Plein Air to drive
traffic downtown, introducing visitors to the major revitalization occurring during her tenure and giving
them a reason to come visit again. Most notably Tuneberg worked hard to establish meaningful
relationships and partnerships with key identified organizations to gain influence and authority for the
betterment of the River District community.

“The River District is becoming more vibrant and energetic,” said Tuneberg. “As a team we’ve worked
hard to build momentum and a solid forward moving direction to grow downtown into a successful
urban center that will uplift Rockford and our region.”

River District Association Interim Board President Chris Kelley said Tunberg’s commitment to the
nonprofit has been instrumental in its successful revival.

“Leah put so much passion into her job,” said Kelley. “It was evident in meetings, at events and at the
countless number of business meetings she held on behalf of our organization. We are so thankful to have
had her for as long as we did, but we respect how important family is and applaud her for making this
decision and setting us up for a successful future.”

The River District Association is looking for the right person to keep up the momentum. The Board of
Directors will vote on the Executive Director job listing at its next regularly scheduled meeting this
Thursday. They will also vote to reinstate board members, assess the need for new members and vote on
a new Leadership Council at that meeting.