ROCKFORD, Illinois – The River District Association has announced its successful new branding effort after working with Aaron Campbell of Camby Designs in Rockford.

“Aaron did an incredible job turning our vision into something tangible,” said Rebecca Nunes, River District Association Marketing Chair. “He really captured the identity of the River District and all of its assets.”

The comprehensive rebrand was created with flexibility to be used in several formats for business cards, letterhead, thank you notes and all communication to members and supporters of the River District Association.

Several key components to the logo include the Jefferson Street Bridge as a symbol of connectivity, bridging the River District into its next chapter. Additionally, the sun can be interpreted as both a rising and setting sun, representing the River District as a place to both work and play. Finally, the team of rowers stands for the importance of businesses, patrons and Rockfordians alike working together to achieve the River District’s full potential.

The rebranding effort was an initiative to capture the new energy of the new era of the nonprofit. So far in 2018, the nonprofit has elected new leadership, hired a new part-time Executive Director, created a Street Parklet Program Guide & Application and will announce at an upcoming press conference on June 19 at 10:30 am the new summer season of Shop the Blocks.

“This is a working board,” said Sean Muserallo, Board President of the River District Association. “We have a lofty agenda this year. It’s all to make downtown Rockford safer for families and friendlier for business owners and residents.”