A parklet is a seasonal use of a parking space designed for the public to relax and enjoy the city. Parklets are a simple and basic idea – use a parking space to create a tiny park (“parklet”) or a space where people can gather in an unexpected place. They can be an extension of sidewalk dining, in a unique way. Parklets can also provide amenities like seating, plantings, gaming (like chess or mini-put), bike parking and public art. Parklets are located in the parking lane adjacent to the curb and should be designed to be an extension of the sidewalk.

The River District Association (RDA) parklet design guidelines and application document is intended to guide applicants through the process and procedures for applying to install a parklet. It provides a comprehensive overview of the program, policies, procedures, criteria and guidelines for creating parklets on public streets within the River District. The parklet season has an 8-month term beginning on May 1st and ends on October 31st.

Follow this link to the 2018 RDA PARKLET APPLICATION.