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Thank you, & Farewell from Leah Tuneberg

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU! Thank you for welcoming me to the River District Association and downtown Rockford.

The day I started with the River District Association (RDA) remains vivid in my memory. I came aboard with so much passion and hope for the RDA and was eager to start the journey of helping build a stronger city center, feeding into the entire city, and beyond.  Three years later I remain passionate and hopeful that downtown Rockford and the River District will continue its strong momentum in revitalization. I’m confident it will!

I want to thank the RDA Board of Directors, present and past, for their dedication, voices, and collaboration in working with me to help execute the goals we wanted to achieve.

I want to thank the City of Rockford, staff and partners, for working so closely with the RDA. Together we’ve laid more bricks and mortar and this ‘something’ we want is becoming really great – a downtown that is more vibrant than it was three years ago.

I want to thank our members and downtown stakeholders (sometimes referred to by me as my “other family”) for welcoming me with great big open arms, warm smiles and unlimited passion to go on this journey together.  I have shared a special bond with all of you, and I shall take away with me special memories from our time together.

It was a bittersweet, family decision to move on from the RDA. Pouring my heart into our family will become the next chapter in my storybook, and I look at this as moving onto the greatest thing in life.  People always tell us parents that kids grow up in the blink of an eye. I don’t want to blink too long and miss it!

I saw this saying recently and it resonated with me for the River District - You didn’t come THIS FAR to only come THIS FAR! There is so much farther you all will go and I look forward to cheering you on.

Thank you! Thank you to you all!!


Leah Tuneberg